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okay heres why silent hill 1 sucks

  • you play as this dude name Harry? wtf? thats copying jk rowling. be more original konami :/
  • bad graphics. you dont even se their lips moving and everything is dark and i cant see anything. smh
  • not fun: you get one gun and its not umlimited ammo like resident evil. terrible
  • um too many zombies its copying resdent evil
  • harry isnt hot liek lion? lion from RE 4 was better graphics and hot
  • the story is boying: wtf i ahve to find some stupid kid name josh or something
  • i cant find my memory card

thats my review. 1/10 :/ id give it a 2 if the game actualyl scared me. so bad!!!!!! do not buy!!!!!

also pic related its a screencap from this horrible game

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